Home Inspection prices, why does it matter?

The Home Inspection Industry is an oddity when it comes to value and perceived value. The most common misconception about the cost of a Home Inspection is that ‘all inspectors have to do the same inspection, just find the cheapest inspector’. This notion has been perpetuated by unscrupulous and ill-informed real estate agents. This works to the unscrupulous agent’s short term benefit. The ‘Cheapest Inspector’ is often an inspector who schedules and inspects 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 inspections in a single day. In addition, Inspection Companies that hire Inspectors straight out of the ‘fast-track’ type Inspection Schools, charge less for the Inspection so that they can keep all of their inexperienced inspectors busy. The amount of experience and value an Inspector brings is not measured by how cheap or little the inspection fee is, but by how much value there is in the information the Inspector reveals to his/her client.

If an inspector charges $200 dollars less for the Inspection, yet overlooks or fails to mention that the property is prone to flooding, has a leaking roof or a roof that is completely past its useful life, foundation problems, electrical deficiencies, an air conditioning system that is held together with duct-tape and is terribly inefficient, what good is it to save $200 up front when the Inspector (and the agent that ‘steered’ you toward that Inspector) misses tens of thousands of $dollars$ in repairs, grief and anguish.

Our prices reflect the experience, diligence, and reporting skills that you so desperately need to protect your investment and your family.


“Mark Eberwine at Five Star Inspections is fantastic. I use him for all my clients (I am a realtor) and just used him on the purchase of a new home for me! Because he is extremely detailed, Mark does an amazing job. He explains everything to the buyer so they understand all about their new home. I recommend Mark Eberwine. He does a great job!”

Caroline Decherd


“We thank you for your service and for being very informative and precisive on our new home inspection. Your report made us feel more secure about the decision we made on buying our new home. Our new home is what we expected and with more positives.”

Alex & Janie Sanchez


“If you’re thinking of buying a house or any other real estate, call Mark Eberwine. Mark will find problems, major and minor, that other home inspectors will miss.”

Sylvia Romo


“Mark did a great inspection on my home before the insulation was installed. One thing that I didn’t notice, even after walking through the house multiple times, was that a box window was side ways. Mark caught it and it was fixed. Thanks Mark.”

Jose Saballos